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Our Firm

We are are experienced with strong business ethics. We are very knowledgeable, compassionate, and trustworthy. This is the key to a successful auction!

If you are looking for a top quality auction service give us a call to set up an appointment or email. Our team at Ryan Turner Auctioneer is always ready to achieve our clients goals. We sell everything to Fine Art to Toys, Coins and Tools, Collectibles and etc. 

Ryan Turner - Ryan is a PA Licensed Auctioneer AU - 005911 - L and is licensed and insured. Ryan went to Reading Area Community College in 2014. He gives his most honest opinion to his clients. Ryan has run many successful auctions and also worked along side many other professional auctioneers in the industry in the Commonwealth. Ryan takes professional pictures of all the merchandise that comes through his sales. He also advertises through many websites and social media to ensure that we can bring the right bidders for your collection!

Bryan Turner - Bryan is the twin brother of Ryan. Bryan is a Certified Licensed Appraiser. Bryan went to Asheford Institute of Antiques and graduated in 2014. He works along side his brother Ryan in the auction industry. Bryan does a lot of the research of the items that we sell through our auctions. Bryan specializes in antique furniture and porcelain. Bryan is always updating his knowledge on a huge variety of items in this industry.


Lori Turner -  Lori is the Auction Coordinator & Office Manager. Lori went to Penn State University and has been an office manager for many years. With her vision and organization, she makes sure the auctions run smoothly and professionally. Lori also has collected antiques since the age of 9.

We are looking forward to assisit you with all your needs!

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